The Board of Trustees

Led by Experience

The Instructus Board of Trustees is made up of senior representatives from multiple sectors. Each Trustee volunteers their time and expertise to ensure that we deliver on our remit as successfully as we possibly can.

As the Board of Trustees operates in service of the wider Instructus group, their work also helps to steer and develop our charitable programmes.

The Board

Nigel Hopkins | Instructus Skills

Nigel Hopkins

Judith Norrington | Instructus Skills

Judith Norrington

Ros Allen | Instructus Skills

Ros Allen

Judit Seymour | Instructus Skills

Judit Seymour

Richard Traish | Instructus Skills

Richard Traish

Emma Rush | Instructus Skills

Emma Rush

Instructus Skills Avatar

Alice Cooper


Jane Pratt

Senior Administrator
Instructus Skills Avatar

Larisa Puk

Standards & Qualifications Manager

With group experience spanning decades in work-based learning and development, we understand how important relevant skills training is for your organisation.

If you have any questions about your apprenticeships, from consultations to certification, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Instructus Group

Why We Stand Out

As the UK’s largest apprenticeship certification authority, we’ve played an integral role in apprenticeships since our formation in 1996. Whether you know us for certification or skills consultations, our work helps you to manage your apprenticeships and vocational training.

Yet this isn’t all that we do.

We are proud to be part of the Instructus Group, a family of organisations that exist to help people progress in education, in work, and in life. Through a range of funded and part-funded support programmes we help people to fulfill their potential.

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