Domestic Heating (SASW)

Role Profile

The following job roles are covered in the Foundation (Level 2) and Apprenticeship (Level 3) frameworks respectively:

  • Domestic Heating Systems Installer
  • Advanced Domestic Heating Systems Installer

Domestic Heating (SASW) Framework

These Domestic Heating (SASW) frameworks are designed to provide new entrants and those seeking progression in their career with the opportunity to develop competencies needed to carry out job roles and responsibilities associated with the installation, maintenance, commissioning, and servicing of domestic heating systems.

These competencies include:

  • Sustainable Buildings Best Practices
  • Environmental Technologies
  • Technological Requirements & Changes
  • Statutory & Non-Statutory Regulations & Requirements

The role may include the installation, service, maintenance, and repair of a variety of heating systems and equipment, including:

  • Plastic & Copper Water Pipes
  • Heating Systems Fueled by Gas; Solar Thermal; Heat Pumps; Oil and Coal

These products could be installed on premises where not only are the technical skills needed but also the skills of customer service and communication.

Successful completion of the Foundation Level framework equips an apprentice with the ability to select and use relevant knowledge, ideas, skills, and procedures to complete well-defined tasks and address straightforward problems. They include taking responsibility for completing tasks and procedures and exercising autonomy and judgment subject to overall direction or guidance.

Successful candidates then have the option to further develop their skills, knowledge, and competence by progressing onto the Apprenticeship (Level 3) framework.

Successful completion of the Apprenticeship (Level 3) framework equips an apprentice with the ability to identify and use relevant understanding, methods, and skills to complete tasks and address problems that, while well defined, have a measure of complexity.

Skills include taking responsibility for initiating and completing tasks and procedures as well as exercising autonomy and judgment within parameters. They also reflect an awareness of different perspectives or approaches within an area of study or work.

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